2019-2020 Raiders of the Month

September: Patrick Palmer and Daniel Leach

October: Macenzie Ward and Jason Meneses 

November: Kira Williams and Sebastian Mills 

2018-2019 Raiders of the Month

April: Mallory Baldwin and Dan Parslow

March: Niaimani Marshall and Ethan Hadcock

February: Shayla Staves and Bryan Green 

January: McKiea Weekes and Juwan Malone

December: Niaimani Marshall and Amadou Diakite 

November: Abigail Pritchard and Michael Friguletto 

October: Brianna Port and Gabe LoBaido

September: Tesa Brody and Cameron Biche

2017-2018 Raiders of the Year:

Julie Hampton and Dante Morgan 

2017-18 Raiders of the Month

May: Sam De La Fleur and Cory Moore

March and April: Diasia DeBoue and Brandon Cooper

February: Makayla Williams and Charlie Cusano

December: Julie Hampton and Dante Morgan

November: Bri Eagan and Austin Heroth

October: Megan Ryder and Travis Geniti

September: Gabrielle Smith and Jared Rubin

2016-17 Raiders of the Month

May: Julie Hampton and Ryan Cullam

March and April: Kendra Sweet and Damian Sullivan

February: My'eesa Grant  and Kerome Grant

December: Dante Morgan 

November: Brittany Orminski and Jonathan Knack

October: Miranda Nethaway and The Men's Soccer Team

September: Jenna Putnam and Aiden VanLoan

2015-16 Raiders of the Month

April: Megan Patterson and Ryan McNamara

March: Rylie Smith

February: Sabriana Franck and Dylan O'Connor

January: Karizma Fleurimond and Tremaine Elder

December: Abby Boyer and Barceem Dukes 

November: My'eesa Grant  and Ayodele Akinmola

October:  Brittany Orminksi and Michael Mazzarella 

September:  Jenna Putnam and Jared Weissman


2014-15 Raiders of the Month

April:  Stephanie Rice and Zachary Hughes

March:  Ashley Przybylowicz and James Waters

February:  Stephanie Rice and Jordan Stewart

January:  Jessica Woney and Raheem Small

December:  Evanda Redwood and Marquis Edwards

November:  Silvia Vasquez Rivera and Tyrone Davis

October:  Hanna Cromie and Mike Mazzarella 

September:  Whitney Ostrander and Andrew Beckham